History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 9 History test on Thursday, February 15th.

1.) Articles of Confederation

• gave the states more power than the central government
• states didn’t want a strong central government

2.) Constitutional Convention
• mainly benefited white men who owned land
• decided that every five slaves counted as 3 people (Three-fifths rule)
• decided to divide Congress into two parts, this was known as the Great Compromise
• came up with the Virginia Plan, which made 3 branches of government

3.) Branches of Government

• Legislative- consists of Congress, who make laws
• Executive- consists of the President who carries out the laws, can also veto a bill that Congress makes
• Judicial- consists of the Supreme Court who decide if a law is Constitutional or not
• the 3 branches operate under a checks and balances system to make sure that not one branch has too much power

4.) Vocabulary
• political party- a group that shares common ideas about government
• amendment- a change to the Constitution
• ordinance- a law

5.) Other Stuff
• a federal system is where the states share power with the central government
• the Bill of Rights protect the freedom of speech and religion

6.) People
• George Washington- chose the location of our country’s capital
• Thomas Jefferson- wanted to limit the power of the central government
• Alexander Hamilton- wanted to start a national bank

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