History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 7 History test on Friday, December 8th.

1.) The French and Indian War

* Britain fought France for control over the Ohio River Valley
* Indians were allies with France
* Both sides signed the Treaty of Paris which ended the war

2.) Taxes

* King taxed the colonies to pay for The French and Indian War
* Stamp Act- taxed anything printed on paper (newspaper, calendars, playing cards), colonists formed the Sons of Liberty to protest the Stamp Act and they would beat up the British tax collectors, they also boycotted British goods and didn’t buy their cloth, Britain then repealed (canceled) the act
* Townshend Act- King then made this act which taxed tea, glass, lead, paints, again the colonists attacked the tax collectors so the King sent British soldiers for protection, colonists boycotted again and made their own clothes, women formed the Daughters of Liberty, British then repealed the act but kept the tax on tea because the King wanted to show that he still had the power to tax if he wanted to
* Intolerable Act- this was the King’s response for the Boston Tea Party, the King closed the port of Boston which stopped trade, they stopped town meetings, and they made the colonists house and feed the British soldiers, the colonists wrote a letter to the King to ask him to repeal this act because they thought it was too harsh

3.) Battle of Lexington

* British soldiers saw minutemen there and someone fired a shot and so both sides started shooting, 8 colonists were dead, 9 wounded, only 1 British soldier was wounded
* British were actually on there way to Concord to take out the minutemen’s ammunition

4.) Battle of Concord

* minutemen surprise attacked the British while they were on their way to Concord, they shot the British from behind trees, bushes, and walls, over 250 British were killed or wounded

5.) Other Stuff

* Boston Massacre- started because a crowd threw snowballs at British soldiers
* Committees of Correspondence- started to spread news to other colonies
* The Proclamation of 1763 separated the Indians and the colonists

6.) Vocabulary

* ally- someone on your side
* protest- to voice or act out against something
* massacre- a killing of a people
* militia- an army of ordinary people

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