History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 5 History test on Friday, October 20th.

1.) New England Colonies

-lots of trees and near the ocean for lumber and fish (cod)

-bad soil for farming

-shipbuilding was a big industry along with whale hunting

2.)Triangular Trade Route

-trade between North America, West Indies, Africa, and Europe

-slave trade was involved

-New England became rich from trading

-Middle Passage was from Africa to West Indies

-lots of slaves died on the Middle Passage from disease and lack of food

3.) People

-Roger Williams- started Rhode Island for religious freedom, he was banished from Massachusetts, believed government should be separate from the church

-Anne Hutchinson- also banished and moved to Rhode Island

4.) Other Stuff

-dissenter-a person who does not agree with his or her leaders

-King Philip’s War- colonists fought the Indians over different points of view of land, colonists killed many Indians and some were enslaved or fled

-Metacomet- also called King Philip – leader of Wampanoags – attacked colonists but was defeated because colonists had better weapons and more soldiers

-industry-a business that sells a product or a service to people

-Know how to read and label a line graph, like on pg. 182-183

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