History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 4 History test on Friday, September 29th.

1.) Roanoke

-John White was governor

-White returned to England for supplies and didn’t return for 3 years because England was at war with Spain

-saw the word “Croatoan” on a tree when he returned, but nobody was there

2.) Jamestown

-first successful English colony

-settlers looked for gold instead of working

-many settlers died because there wasn’t enough food

-John Smith told them that had to work if they want to eat

-colonists traded goods for food with the Powhatans, Powhatans wanted the colonists to help them fight other Native Americans, but the colonists said no and this started fighting amongst them, colonists eventually took over most of the land

3.) Plymouth

-started by Pilgrims who came on the Mayflower

-named after a town in England

-signed the Mayflower Compact

-many Pilgrims died because it was winter and there wasn’t enough food

-Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant crops like corn, pumpkins, and beans

-He also taught them how to hunt and fish

-Pilgrims then had so much food and more settlers came from England

-they gave thanks to God for all their food and supplies- first Thanksgiving

4.) Massachusetts Bay Colony

-started by Puritans to create a colony based on their own religion

-named after the Massachuset Indians

-John Winthrop was first governor

-many Puritans eventually moved here from England

5.) Vocabulary

-Northwest Passage- shortcut back from Asia

-armada- large fleet of ships

-charter- paper giving permission for people to do something

-invest- put money into something to try and earn more money

6.) Miscellaneous

-know how to read a timeline like the one on pg. 151

-Henry Hudson- claimed land for the Dutch

-John Rolfe- married Pocahontas, which gave short peace between colonists and Powhatans

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