History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 1 and 2 History test on Friday, September 15th.

1.) Tlinget

  • lived in Northwest
  • got a lot of natural resources from the ocean and forests
  • salmon was their main food
  • built totem poles
  • held potlatches
  • different clans lived together in big houses

2.) Hopi

  • lived in the Southwest
  • lived in Adobe homes
  • grew corn
  • used irrigation to grow food
  • they were caretakers of their land
  • made Kachina dolls and believed in them for rain

3.) Lakota Sioux

  • lived in the Midwest
  • known as the Plains Indians
  • buffalo was main source of food and resources
  • used buffalo for teepees and tools
  • horses made it easier to hunt buffalo
  • had a coup stick which showed courage

4.) Iroquois

  • lived in Eastern Woodlands
  • many families lived together in longhouses
  • women owned the longhouses and land
  • made wampum and used them for trade

5.) Other Stuff

  • human resource – a person that brings their skills or knowledge to a job
  • capital resource – a machine, tool, or building that people use to produce goods and services
  • surplus – extra
  • Be sure to know: prime meridian, equator, longitude, latitude, north, south, east, west
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