History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 6 History test on Friday, November 4th.

1. Colonies

* New York – was New Netherland before King Charles gave it to his brother, colonists were allowed to take part in government, James was the propietor
* Pennsylvania – William Penn wanted a place for Christians to live in peace without being jailed
* Georgia – King gave colony to James Oglethorpe who named it after King George, a place for debtors to live in instead of being jailed in England
* Maryland – Calvert wanted this to be a refuge (safe place) for Catholics because Catholics were punished in England
* Virginia – first permanent English colony and first to have a legislature, this was called the House of Burgesses, had to be white, male, rich, and owned land in order to be in the House of Burgesses

2. Slavery

* worked on plantations, or large farms
* plantation was run by an overseer
* slaves pulled together to help each other and sang spirituals and met at night to plan escapes or tell stories
* they created new languages and gave each other hope by adopting Christianity

3. Southern Colonies

* grew lots of cash crops like rice, tobacco, and indigo
* had good soil and was hot and humid

4. Miscellaneous

* apprentice – someone who studies under a master to learn a skill
* refuge – a safe place
* debtor – someone who owes money
* legislature – a group of people who make laws
* free enterprise – opportunity to start a business
* surplus – extra

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