History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 5 History test on Friday, October 21st.

1.) New England Colonies

-lots of trees and near the ocean for lumber and fish (cod)

-bad soil for farming

-shipbuilding was a big industry along with whale hunting


2.)Triangular Trade Route

-trade between North America, Africa, West Indies, and Europe

-slave trade was involved

-New England became rich from trading

-Middle Passage was from Africa to West Indies

-lots of slaves died on the Middle Passage from disease and lack of food


3.) People

-Roger Williams- started Rhode Island for religious freedom, he was banished from Massachusetts, believed government should be separate from the church

-Anne Hutchinson- also banished and moved to Rhode Island

-Thomas Hooker- wanted all men to be able to vote, he led 100 colonists and started the town of Hartford, which led to Connecticut, later other colonists moved north and started New Hampshire and Maine


4.) Other Stuff

-dissenter-a person who does not agree with his or her leaders

-Pequot War- colonists fought the Indians over different points of view of land, colonists killed many Pequot Indians and some were enslaved or fled

-Metacomet- also called King Philip – leader of Wampanoags – attacked colonists but was defeated because colonists had better weapons and more soldiers

-industry-a business that sells a product or a service to people

-Know how to read and draw a line graph, like on pg. 182-183

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