Envelope Contents

Below are some items you should find in the envelope for Tuesday, September 19th. Items in bold need to be signed and returned the next day.

  1. Progress report
  2. Ch. 1 & 2 History test
  3. Accelerated Math reports
  4. Reading quiz x 2
  5. Math facts test
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History Study Notes

Below are some study notes for the Ch. 1 and 2 History test on Friday, September 15th.

1.) Tlinget

  • lived in Northwest
  • got a lot of natural resources from the ocean and forests
  • salmon was their main food
  • built totem poles
  • held potlatches
  • different clans lived together in big houses

2.) Hopi

  • lived in the Southwest
  • lived in Adobe homes
  • grew corn
  • used irrigation to grow food
  • they were caretakers of their land
  • made Kachina dolls and believed in them for rain

3.) Lakota Sioux

  • lived in the Midwest
  • known as the Plains Indians
  • buffalo was main source of food and resources
  • used buffalo for teepees and tools
  • horses made it easier to hunt buffalo
  • had a coup stick which showed courage

4.) Iroquois

  • lived in Eastern Woodlands
  • many families lived together in longhouses
  • women owned the longhouses and land
  • made wampum and used them for trade

5.) Other Stuff

  • human resource – a person that brings their skills or knowledge to a job
  • capital resource – a machine, tool, or building that people use to produce goods and services
  • surplus – extra
  • Be sure to know: prime meridian, equator, longitude, latitude, north, south, east, west
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Presidential Spotlight

Congratulations to Landry for being the first student to memorize and recite all the U.S. Presidents in order!

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